Safety Alert issued for ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS, and ZILLON fall protection products


Petzl issued a Safety Alert with a request for inspection following reports of slippage and identification of defects in the release levers on ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS and ZILLON products.

This information concerns only the following products: ZIGZAG (D022AA00), ZIGZAG PLUS (D022BA00), ZILLON (L22A 025, L22A 040, L22A 055) with serial numbers between 18L and 21G.

University units in possession of ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS and ZILLON fall protection products should immediately conduct an inspection of the release levers and a function test by following the instructions in the Safety Alert.

If the results of these tests are not satisfactory, immediately stop using your product and return your product by contacting your local after-sales service center on the Petzl contact form.

image shows affected products