Product Inspection Notice issued for CMC CLUTCH fall protection devices


Harken Industrial™ issued a Product Inspection Notice for CMC CLUTCH™ units after identifying a number of units that may have shipped without the stainless steel Friction Shoe installed. While a missing Friction Shoe does not present an immediate safety concern, there may be impacts to long-term device durability and performance.

University units using fall protection systems with a CMC CLUTCH are instructed to inspect all 11 mm and 13 mm CLUTCH units following the instructions on the Product Inspection Notice to confirm whether the Friction Shoe is installed. 

If your CLUTCH is missing its Friction Shoe, or if you have any questions, please contact the CMC Customer Support team by calling 800.513.7455 or 805.562.9120, or send an email to

CMC CLUTCH with and without Friction Shoe