How do I perform a ‘lab safety self-audit’?


Has an EH&S representative visited your lab lately?  If not, chances are good that one of our safety ambassadors will visit soon to review the Laboratory Safety Checklist, a list of 78 questions addressing a variety of topics including chemical safety, training of personnel, personal protective equipment and emergency preparedness.

A helpful feature of the online Laboratory Safety Checklist is that each question is hyperlinked to in-depth information about the question, further links to additional resources and corresponding regulations. Exploring the links in the Laboratory Safety Checklist is a great way to ensure your lab is prepared for its next inspection. 

For example, question #5 asks "Was a safety self-audit performed within the last 12 months?"  

Clicking on the question leads to an explanation of how a 'self-audit' can be done, recommending that labs evaluate themselves systematically based on the criteria in the checklist.  

As a second example, clicking on question #19 ("Have all lab personnel completed PPE training?") links to the Laboratory PPE Hazard Assessment Guide which provides a straightforward way to accomplish such training.  

Prepare to excel at safety compliance by familiarizing yourself with these helpful resources.

For further information please consult the EH&S website or contact Tracy Harvey at   

Laboratory Safety Checklist