Advisory: Walk safely on snow, ice and other slippery surfaces


During periods of snowfall and potentially icy conditions, we remind you to use extra caution while walking on campus. Help prevent slips, trips and falls when walking on campus by doing the following:

  • Wear footwear that has good traction and insulation (e.g., insulated and water resistant boots or rubber over-shoes with good rubber treads). Avoid boots or shoes with smooth soles and heels.
  • Assume that wet, dark areas on pavements may be slippery and icy.
  • Take short steps and walk at a slower pace to react quickly to changes in traction.
  • Hold onto the handrails when using stairs.
  • Do not do anything to distract you while walking (e.g., stop walking while using mobile devices).
  • Take special care when stepping in or out of vehicles.
  • Use caution when stepping off curbs and walking up steep slopes.
  • Keep your hands free to catch yourself if you start to fall.
  • Go slowly and give yourself extra time to get to your destination.

For updates on campus conditions, please read the UW Alert Blog.

If you see ice on walkways or other hazardous conditions, please notify UW Facilities Customer Care.

All accidents and injuries on the UW campus involving a UW employee must be reported to EH&S within 24 hours.

Take care and be safe!


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