New Radiation Users

Contact Radiation Safety
Phone: 206.543.0463
Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm M-F

New Investigators

The Radiation Safety Office at the University of Washington issues Authorizations (sub-licenses) for certain uses of radiation. All investigators planning to do research on humans using any type of radiation (x-rays, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, etc.) must apply for an Authorization to Use Radiation on Human Subjects. Individuals intending to use radioactive materials or sealed radioactive sources in their research must also work under an Authorization. Before you can order, store, or use radioactive materials, you must either make arrangements to work under another researcher's Authorization or contact Radiation Safety to determine if you meet the requirements to become an Authorized Investigator.

All new authorizations for using radioactive materials begin with ordering an information packet with appropriate forms to begin the process. Any principal investigator who wishes to obtain a packet can contact Radiation Safety (see inset above). Once you receive this packet you can direct any questions to Radiation Safety at the above phone number or e-mail address.

Machine sources of radiation (x-rays or particle accelerators) need to be properly shielded, operated in a safe manner, and registered with the Radiation Safety (RS). RS staff is available to give advice and review shielding plans for machine source facilities.