Laboratory Moving In and Moving Out

Moving In

Occupants moving into new or remodeled laboratory space must comply with many health and safety regulations designed to keep workers safe. See the EH&S Moving In Checklist (Appendix E) for a comprehensive list of requirements and recommendations for moving into a new laboratory.

If possible, visit your space in advance to ensure that it has been completely decontaminated and cleared for reuse. See Section 10 of the Laboratory Safety Manual and the Moving Out Checklist in Appendix E of the Laboratory Safety Manual for more details. If you believe that the space is still contaminated or has not been properly cleared out, contact your Building Coordinator immediately.

If you are modifying an existing laboratory or constructing a new one, refer to the UW Laboratory Safety Design Guide. The Guide outlines requirements and recommendations for new laboratories. For further information about laboratory equipment installation, testing and approvals, contact the Building and Safety Office at 206-543-0465.

For more information and advice about moving into a laboratory, see Section 10 of the Laboratory Safety Manual.

Moving Out

Whether your laboratory is being completely vacated or partially vacated due to remodeling, you must leave the laboratory in a clean and safe condition for the new occupants or construction crews. Prior to vacating a laboratory, you must remove all chemicals, biological materials, radiological materials, and any other hazardous materials and you must decontaminate all work surfaces. You must also remove all equipment (unless arrangements have been otherwise) and any garbage or other items that will not be wanted by the new occupants. EH&S is available to assist with some aspects of the clearance of your laboratory. It is helpful to contact EH&S a month or two before you move.

The responsibilities of the Principal Investigator, Department, Project Manager (if there is one) and EH&S are listed in Section 10 of the Laboratory Safety Manual.

Use our Moving Out Checklist in Appendix E of the Laboratory Safety Manual as a tool for making sure that all requirements associated with moving out are completed. Thorough planning of a laboratory move is essential.

Last but not least, before you leave, fill out, sign and post inside on of the doors to your laboratory UoW 1800, Notice of Laboratory Moveout. This form show that you followed all directions and left the laboratory clean for the next occupants (or for Facilities Services if you are vacating for renovation.)