Information for Principal Investigators

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This webpage is a gateway to online EH&S services as they apply to Principal Investigators. Here you will find information for you and your employees, forms you may need for research grant proposals, and instructions for adding new equipment or relocating your laboratory. For more information about day-to-day laboratory operations, please see Information for Laboratory Staff.

The PI Guide

The EH&S Guide for Principal Investigators outlines your health and safety responsibilities as a Principal Investigator and provides links to related resources. It lists related requirements for grant proposals, purchases and similar actions. It also outlines how to plan for emergencies and disasters. The PI Guide can be found at Guide for Principal Investigators.

Biological Use Authorization

Biological Use Authorization (BUA) is required for work involving biohazards, including recombinant DNA. See the EHS Biological Safety webpage for information regarding requirements, the application and the review process

Chemical Management

These links provide an overview of chemical management requirements at the UW and help new Investigators start chemical inventories, register for waste collection services, and comply with fire codes. For more information about new laboratories, also see the Laboratory Safety Design Guide.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen. Be ready for them in the laboratory and, if you teach, in the classroom.

Radioactive Substances

These links help new Investigators get started or current Investigators order more material or add radiation workers.

Relocating or closing your laboratory

If you are moving or retiring, use the following checklist and guidelines to make sure you cover all requirements.

Research Planning and Procurement

As you develop your proposal, check the following links to see if any of these pre-approvals or requirements apply.


As a supervisor, by law you have responsibilities related to the health and safety of your employees, including training, hazard prevention, and accident reporting.