Hospital and Medical Clinic Workers

Hall Health (photo credit: Max deLaubenfels) (17K)

This webpage is a gateway to online EH&S services as they apply to hospital, medical and dental clinic workers.

Biological Safety

See the below links for sterilization techniques and more.

Chemical Safety

Many chemicals are used in patient care and health-related research. However, many chemicals themselves present health hazards. Visit the links below to ensure that your chemicals are managed properly and learn about efforts at the UW and in the healthcare industry to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the health care industry.

Clinical Trials

The links below are for those who conduct clinical trials with human subjects.

Radiation Safety

Below are links to radiation safety topics specific to medical and dental workers.

Waste Disposal

Learn how to properly dispose of different kinds of waste generated in a hospital.

UWMC and Harborview Environmental Services

For housekeeping, sharps, recycling, trash removal, pest control, trash removal, regulated medical waste, recycling, chemotherapy, and mercury spill clean-up at either UW Medical Center or Harborview Medical Center, refer to:

  • Harborview Medical Center Environmental Services, 206.744.3131
  • UWMC Environmental Services, 206.598.6181