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Below is an alphabetical listing of major topics on our web site.

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  Acid and Base Neutralization
  Air, Clean Air Acts
  Air Quality Program
  Air Operating Permit
  Air Pollution Research
  Alterations to UW Property (UW Administration site)
  Automated External Defibrillators, AED


  Base Neutralization, Acid and
  Batteries, Recycling
  Biological Safety Cabinets
  Biological Safety Cabinets, Approved
  Biological Safety Cabinets, Canopies
  Biological Safety Cabinets, Certification Service
  Biological Safety Cabinets, Purchase
  Biological Safety Cabinets, Relocate
  Biological Safety Cabinets, Ultraviolet Light Use
  Biosafety Manual
  Biological Safety
  Biological Use Authorization
  Biological Waste
  Building Alterations
  Building and Fire Safety Office (previously Facility Safety Office)


  Cabinets, Biological Safety
  Calibrations, Radiation Detection Instruments
  Canopy information and permit application form
  Capital Safety Projects
  Capital Safety Projects Funding
  Capital Safety Project Request
  Checklist, Waste Generator's Self-Audit (pdf)
  Chemical Compatibility Chart
  Chemical Exchange
  Chemical Hazard Communication (HazCom)
  Chemical Inventories
  Chemical Treatment Log
  Chemical Waste
  Chemical Waste Guide for Facilities Services
  Chemical Waste Reduction
  Chemicals Use in Bio-Safety Cabinets (Focus Sheet)
  Chemicals, Unknown
  Chemicals, Surplus
  Chemotherapy and Other Hazardous Drugs
  CIDEX OPA Treatment
  Cigarette Receptacles
  Classes, Radiation
  Clean Air Acts
  Clinical Lab Radioactive Material
  Compliance Inspections
  Compressed Gas
  Computer Monitors, Recycling
  Confined Spaces
  Construction, Design Review and Standards
  Construction Projects and Stormwater
  Containers, Disposal
  Contamination, Site
  Cozy Legs Radiant Heater


  Dead Birds or Animals
  Dental Personnel, Radiation Safety
  Departmental Health and Safety Plan
  Directions to our offices
  Diving Safety
  Diving Safety Manual (pdf)
  Drains, where do they go?
  Drinking Water
  Dry Shippers, TIPS


  Emergency Evacuation and Operation Plan or EEOP (now FSEP)
  Emergency Washing Facilities
  Employee training required or recommended for Laboratory Employees (pdf)
  Employment at EHS
  Environmental Programs
  Environmental Stewardship
  Ethidium Bromide Treatment
  Evacuation Exemption Request
  Evacuation Route Sign Holder Specs
  Extremely Hazardous Waste
  Eyewash & Safety Shower


  Facility Design Standards
  Facilities Services, Chemical Waste Guide for (PDF)
  Facility Safety Office (see Building and Fire Safety Office)
  Facility Safety Surveys
  Fall Protection FAQs
  Fall Protection Work Plan
  Fire (Evacuation) Drills
  Fire (Evacuation) Drills - Recording
  Fire (Evacuation) Drill Requirements
  Fire Extinguishers
  Fire False Alarms
  Fire Prevention
  Fire Safety
  First Aid Plan (pdf)
  Fluorescent and Universal Lamps, Recycle
  Food Event, Temporary Permit
  Food Safety
  Formaldehyde Treatment
  Fume Hood
  Fume Hood, Purchasing


  Gas Cylinders
  Glass, Laboratory
  Glass, Laboratory
  Group 4 Health and Safety Committee Website
  Guide for Principle Investigators


  Hazardous Chemical Waste
  Hazardous Chemical Waste, Online Training
  HazCom (Chemical Hazard Communication)
  Hazardous Materials
  Hazardous Materials Recycling
  Hazardous Materials Requirements
  Hazardous Materials, Shipping and Transport
  Health & Safety Committees
  Health & Safety Plan
  Hearing Loss Prevention Program (pdf)
  Heat, Indoor, Lack of Ventilation
  Heat Exposure
  Housekeeping, Laboratory
  How to find our offices
  Hydrofluoric Acid, Focus Sheet


  IBC member training
  Indoor Air Quality
  Integrated Pest Management
  International Fire Code (fire drill frequency requirements)


  L&I Approved Variances
  Laboratory Checkout Requirements
  Laboratory Decommissioning
  Laboratory Entry Caution Signs
  Laboratory Glass, (Sharps)
  Laboratory Housekeeping
  Laboratory Safety Manual
  Laboratory Safety Training Matrix (pdf)
  Laboratory Survey Checklist Explanations
  Lamps, Fluorescent and Universal
  Landfill, Montlake Guidance Document (pdf)
  Laser Pointer Safety
  Lead Waste
  Lockout-Tagout (LOTO)


  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  Materials, Shipping Hazardous
  Mercury Thermometers, Broken
  Mercury Thermometers, Recycling
  Metal, Recycling
  Metal Drum, Recycling
  Mission Statement
  Mixed Waste
  Montlake Landfill Project Guide (pdf)


  Needles, Sharps
  Neutralization, Acid and Base
  Newsletter and Archives
  Nitrated Organics, TIPS
  Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety
  Norovirus (Stomach Flu)
  Nursing Personnel Training, Radiation Safety


  OARS (Online Accident Reporting System)
  OARS Frequently Asked Questions
  Odors (Indoor Air Quality)
  Oil, Recycling
  Oil Spill Prevention
  Online Accident Reporting System (OARS)
  Operating Permit, Air
  Organizational Chart (EH&S) (pdf)


  Permit, Seattle Fire Department Conditions
  Permit, Temporary Food Event
  Peroxide Guidelines (pdf)
  Pest Concerns
  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  Pharmaceuticals, Disposal of
  Physical Safety
  Picric Acid, TIPS
  Plan Review & Design Standards
  Pollution, Air Research
  Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
  Praxair, Inc.
  Principle Investigators, Guide for
  Purchasing Gas Cylinders


  Radiation, Instrument Calibrations
  Radiation, Non-Ionizing
  Radiation Detection Instruments Calibrations
  Radioactive Material, Authorization
  Radioactive Material, Clinical Lab
  Radioactive Material, Ordering
  Radioactive Materials Shipment Request
  Radioactive Spills
  Radioactive Waste Cost List
  Radiation Safety
  Radiation Safety Classes
  Radiation Safety Manual
  Radiation Safety Training
  Radiation Surveys
  Radioactive Clinical Lab
  Radioactive Decay Calculator
  Radioactive Waste
  Recycling Computer Monitors/Televisions
  Recycling Metals
  Recycling Metal Drums
  Reporting a Fire or Explosion
  Reproductive Hazards (pdf)
  Research Planning


  Safety Committees
  Safety Plans
  Sample SOP
  Scintillation Fluids (Cocktails), Disposable
  Sealed Source Users, Radiation Safety
  Securing Gas Cylinders
  Service Phone Numbers
  Sharps Disposal
  Shipping Hazardous Materials
  Silver in Photographic Fixer, Treatment
  Signs, Laboratory Entry Caution
  Site Contamination
  Smoking Restrictions
  Space Heaters
  Spills, General
  Spills, Biohazardous
  Spills, Chemical
  Spills, Mercury
  Spills, Radioactive
  Staff Directory
  Standard Operating Procedure
  Stomach Flu (Norovirus)
  Storage Tanks, Underground
  Storm Water Management
  Strategic Plan FAQ (pdf)
  Surplus Chemical Exchange


  Tanks, Underground Storage
  Televisions, Recycling
  Tent information and permit application form
  Thermometers, Broken Mercury
  Thermometers, Recycling Mercury
  Treatment, Chemical Waste


  Ultraviolet Light
  Ultraviolet Light in Biological Safety Cabinets
  Underground Storage Tanks
  Unknown Chemicals


  Variances (L&I Approved)
  Ventilation Shutdowns (in relation to BSCs/Fume Hoods)


  Washing Facilities, Emergency
  Waste Generator's Self-Audit Checklist (pdf)
  Waste Index
  Waste, Biological
  Waste, Chemical
  Waste, Radioactive
  Waste, Treatment
  Waste Cost List, Radioactive
  Water, Drinking
  Water Quality Program
  West Nile Virus


  Xylene, Distillation and Reuse