Health and Safety Plan

These guides are intended to lead you through the process of thinking about the health and safety risks and issues unique to your work setting. Ultimately you will have a comprehensive document that includes or references all of the necessary employee safety and health policies/procedures to provide a safe work place and meet regulatory requirements.

Guide to Departmental Health and Safety Plans

The following downloadable files can be used as templates to help departments develop new health and safety plans or revise their existing plans.

Building Safety Resources

Information on building evacuation, emergency procedures, the Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan (FSEP), and other resources can be found here.

Workplace Violence Prevention

All managers, supervisors, and employees must be aware of the appropriate processes to follow regarding workplace and domestic violence prevention. We expect our entire faculty and staff to take Workplace Violence Prevention training at least once every two years, as well as receive information during new employee orientation.

For more comprehensive information, access the SafeCampus website.