The UW Chemical Hazard Communication (HazCom) Program

Major HazCom Components

The Chemical Hazard Communication (HazCom) program is mandated by various laws that provide for workers to be informed of their chemical hazards. The University of Washington program complies with this mandate in Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 12.5, Chemical Hazard Communication Program and these web pages, which serve as a guidance document. The main components of the program which need to be implemented per the APS and this guidance document are:

  • Identifying hazardous chemicals and maintaining a list in the UW MyChem database system,
  • Making use of Material Safety Data Sheets / Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs/SDSs) and labels to provide hazard information,
  • Informing and training employees as to work task chemical hazards and the precautions for working with chemicals in a safe manner, and
  • Maintaining documentation.

This document is the official written UW HazCom program. If you change these instructions, the changes need to be coordinated with and approved by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S, 206-543-7388, If you want to print out a hard copy of these web pages, a printer-friendly version is available here (pdf). Otherwise, please refer to the following web pages for specific details.

Guideline Web Pages

Please refer any questions about implementing the HazCom program to EH&S at 206-543-7388 or