Preventing Asbestos Exposure

asbestos dust from construction

You can help prevent the potential of asbestos exposure to yourself and others by observing the following practices:

  • Immediately report damaged ceilings, walls, pipe insulation, floor tiles, or other building materials to your supervisor or building coordinator.
  • Request the Asbestos Survey prior to the start of a project that may involve disturbing asbestos-containing material (ACM) or Presumed Asbestos-Containing Material (PACM).
  • If there has not been an asbestos survey conducted then all materials are considered PACM and treated as asbestos until otherwise confirmed as non-asbestos.
  • Be careful not to damage building materials and surfaces that may contain asbestos. For example, do not:
    1. Pound in nails to hang pictures.
    2. Put hooks in ceilings for plants.
    3. Install wall-hung shelving.
    4. Pull up carpeting that is glued down.
  • Do not enter construction areas.
  • Do not enter restricted access areas.

The University is involved in a variety of activities to control asbestos hazards on campus. The University has conducted surveys to identify areas where ACM is present and manages ACM in place. If you suspect a material in your work area may be ACM or PACM and it appears damaged, contact EH&S at (206) 543-7262, or the Facilities Services Asbestos Coordinator at (206) 685-3357.