Outdoor Heat Stress

On July 5, 2008 a new Outdoor Heat Exposure rule issued by Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) (WAC 296-62-095) became effective. In order to help supervisors meet the training requirements a Heat Exposure PowerPoint® presentation has been developed by EH&S. Supervisors are encouraged to modify the presentation as needed to fit their work group, or they can use it as is. The presentation contains more detailed information in the "Notes" view of PowerPoint. Slides with the notation "Required" should all be used in order to meet minimum requirements. Slides marked "Optional" contain valuable information, but may be presented verbally without the slide being shown.

More information about protecting employees from heat can be found in the the EH&S Focus Sheets Heat Stress for employees and Heat Stress for supervisors.

If a supervisor or employee has a question that cannot be answered by the presentation, they should contact the Occupational Safety and Health Office at 543-7388.

The pdf document containing the rule language is available here

Detailed information can be found on the L&I web site