Fire & Life Safety Surveys

The Fire Safety Survey program conducts periodic fire and life safety surveys in over 250 buildings on the Seattle and Bothell campuses, SLU, Sandpoint, UW research stations, and other selected facilities. These surveys are scheduled with building coordinators or building management. Fire and life safety surveys evaluate public areas including hallways and stairwells, conference rooms, classrooms, storage areas, and mechanical rooms. The team looks for unsafe practices and conditions related to fire codes and life safety that may contribute to a fire or deter from effective evacuation of a building in case of an emergency. Common concerns are:

  • Unapproved storage in hallways and stairwells
  • Blocked emergency exits
  • Permanent use of extension cords
  • Burned out exit signs
  • Propped open fire doors
unsafe storage in hallway

After each survey, EH&S sends the building coordinator a survey report which lists each finding and the party responsible for correcting it. General findings should be corrected within 30 days. See a sample copy of the updated Fire & Life Safety Survey Report (PDF). You can also view in depth explanations of the requirements specified on the checklist, self-help tools, and references to the codes driving them here.