Recent Lab Related Accident News

University of Hawaii lab explosion -- March 17, 2016. Investigators say a laboratory explosion at the University of Hawaii that resulted in a researcher losing her arm was likely caused by static electricity.

University of Rochester lab explosion -- February 29, 2016. A graduate student at the University of Rochester was taken to the hospital after a small chemical explosion in the lab.

Los Alamos National lab electrical accident -- May 3, 2015. An electrical accident at a Los Alamos National Laboratory substation injured nine workers, burning one so severely he was hospitalized for more than a month.

Safety failures at Army lab led to anthrax mistakes -- A report released in January, 2016, stated that a brigadier general who led an Army biodefense lab in Utah is among a dozen individuals facing potential disciplinary actions for failures that contributed to the facility mistakenly shipping live anthrax to other labs for more than a decade.

Safety violations cited at CDC labs -- An investigation to uncover details about accidents at CDC biolabs where experiments are done with highly infectious pathogens was published in June, 2016.

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