Laboratory/Shop Entry Caution Sign

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Laboratory/Shop Entry Caution Sign

This page describes the standard UW caution sign that is required to be placed at all laboratory/shop entrances. Here you will find information on the purpose of the sign and how to customize a sign for your laboratory/shop.

caution signThe laboratory/shop entry caution sign provides a consistent look and consolidates several signs. Laboratories/shops where hazardous materials are used or stored are required to post an up-to-date sign at the laboratory/shop entrance. The sign is intended to alert emergency responders and visitors to the laboratory/shop of potential hazards and precautions for entry. EH&S installs the sign holder and posts the initial sign. Lab/shop occupants update signs as needed using the tool available on the MyChem menu.

Regulatory Requirements

The regulatory requirements listed below are addressed by this sign.

Creating a Sign

You must have an access account in the UW MyChem system to create or edit a sign. When you have logged into MyChem click on the Caution Sign menu item and select the building and room or suite for your sign.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is this lab/shop caution sign required?

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If there is a biohazard symbol on my Lab/Shop Caution Sign, why do I still have to hang the other biohazard sign on my door?

The compressed gas symbol appears on my sign but there are no compressed gases listed under the NFPA fire diamond. Why is that?

Why doesn't the compressed gas symbol appear on my lab/shop caution sign when there are compressed gas cylinders in my lab/shop?

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