Building Heat and Portable Space Heaters

In the event a heating system fails, or there is inadequate heat to an area, every effort should be made to correct the problem before using any temporary or portable heat source. Only Facilities Services and other units specifically authorized by EH&S are allowed to implement temporary or supplemental heating measures in University buildings. If the problem cannot be corrected in a timely manner, the temporary use of UL approved portable heaters with appropriate safety features will be allowed. Cozy Legs Heater

Portable electric space heaters are not allowed for supplemental heating due to fire safety concerns and the need to reduce campus energy usage. The only exception is the Cozy Legs Radiant Heating Panel, or equal, when departments insist on supplemental heat (pictured at right).

Cozy Legs panels generally use less than 200 watts of electricity and will not be hot to the touch. They can be safely used beneath a desk. The equipment can be purchased from various sources (link leaves the EH&S Web site).

If you have questions about regulations related to temporary or supplemental heating, please contact EH&S Fire Safety at (206) 616-5530.