Fire Department Operational Permits

SFD Engine 25

Operational permits issued by the fire department must be obtained by organizational units responsible for their operations. Examples of permits include place of assembly, hazardous materials, cutting and welding, campus events, and other conditions and operations. It may be possible to maintain one permit for multiple locations in a building if all locations are under the same administrative control.

Place of Assembly Permits

Operating permits for places of assembly with 100 occupants or greater are typically obtained following construction after the city's building department issues the Certificate of Occupancy. It is then renewed annually. Permit applications are available through the Seattle Fire Department.

Hazardous Material/Flammable Permits

See more information regarding permits for hazardous materials and laboratory operations (PDF).

Hazardous material permits for other (non-lab) locations, such as for compressed gas and LPG, are also available. Find the applications on the Seattle Fire Department website.

Both annual and job specific welding (and other hot work) permits may be obtained from the fire department. See more information on our Hot Work page.

Campus Event Permits

See more information and permit requirements for outdoor and indoor campus events.

Other Permits

Other operations and condition common to the University that may require permits include roofing, flammable paint spray booths, high-piled combustible storage, and fleet fueling. For assistance contact EH&S at (206)543-5560.


For assistance with locating the appropriate permit application and applying for a permit, please contact EH&S at (206)616-5530.