Building Modifications and Exit Access

University buildings and systems may not be altered without the necessary permits and approvals. Building modifications must be performed by personnel from Facilities Services, contractor performing work under contract with the University, or other approved means. Please refer to the official University Administrative Policy Statement 56.06 "Alterations to UW Seattle Campus Buildings and Grounds" .

Fire doors must not be wedged or otherwise held open. If a fire door must be held open for operational purposes, an electromagnetic hold-open device connected to the building's fire alarm system should be provided.

Exit Access

Doors, gates, and other access openings between spaces within buildings may not be modified or obstructed by equipment, storage or other materials without approval from EH&S Building and Fire Safety, Seattle Fire Department, and City of Seattle Department of Construction and Land Use.

Modifications to movable partitions and other furniture placement must not impede primary exit routes or widths.

Door hardware is intended to meet specific fire and security needs and may not be modified without a design and approval. Work requiring modification to door hardware should involve Design Services. Locks must not be re-keyed without the knowledge and approval of the University Police Department.