Capital Safety Projects

University departments may request capital safety funding to improve existing conditions that present a safety or regulatory compliance risk in buildings and on grounds. Projects are generally capital in nature and expenditure cannot be used for equipment, operating costs, supplies and similar costs.

Capital Safety Project requests must qualify using the criteria listed below and fit into one of the following categories: the condition must be existing and present a safety risk to faculty, staff, student or visitor, be an environmental risk, or present a loss potential to property or operations.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Asbestos presenting an occupational hazard
  • Egress improvements
  • Emergency pathway lighting and exit signs
  • Emergency washing facilities (eye washes/showers)
  • Environmental mitigation - minor
  • Fire alarm retrofit and replacement
  • Fire resistant construction improvements
  • Fire sprinkler retrofit
  • Guardrail and handrail improvements
  • Laboratory ventilation improvements
  • Non-structural seismic improvements
  • Plumbing cross connections
  • Safety signs
  • Shop ventilation and electrical improvements
  • Slip/trip/fall improvements
  • Smoke control projects
  • Other

Projects that do not generally qualify include:

  • Accessibility improvements
  • Asbestos and other hazardous material abatement associated with other construction projects
  • Changes to a building or facility due to a new or enhanced use
  • Equipment, especially portable equipment
  • Major environmental mitigation projects
  • Operating and preventative maintenance costs
  • Projects at UW Bothell and UW Tacoma
  • Projects in leased buildings
  • Safety upgrades associated with other renovation work

Once a project has qualified for funding, Environmental Health and Safety will either grant funding or place the project on a prioritized list for future consideration. EH&S prioritizes projects based upon risk. For more information contact Mark Murray at 206-616-6261 or

To request funding for a capital safety project, download and print the Capital Safety Project Request Form (PDF). Mail the completed form to Building and Fire Safety, Box 354400.