Evacuation Exemptions for Medical Procedures

medical procedure

Evacuation of the building is the standard response to a fire, fire alarm, or earthquake for all areas of all buildings at the University of Washington except for inpatient areas of the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC).

Evacuation exemptions outside of the UWMC may be approved on a case by case basis. Evacuation exemptions are generally limited to personnel performing or supporting surgical procedures. The purpose is to reduce the possibility of compromising a patient or animal's health by stopping or delaying completion of a surgical or other significant medical procedure. Examples include animal and dental surgery. A site-specific plan must be developed, approved in writing by EH&S and posted, and staff must be trained on the plan. Evacuation Exemption training can be obtained by taking the Evacuation Warden/ Building Evacuation training class found here

To request an exemption please complete and print the Evacuation Exemption Request Form (PDF) and mail to EH&S Fire Safety, Box 354400. If you have questions, please call EH&S at (206) 616-5530. All exemptions are subject to re-evaluation at least every three years.