Evacuation Drills


Evacuation Drills

EH&S is responsible for scheduling fire drills for the UW Seattle campus and major research stations. If you have a preference on the time of year for your drill, please contact EH&S so that we may add it to our planning schedule.

Drills Unannounced

Drills are generally unannounced so they are more realistic and educational. EH&S will generally schedule fire drills for UW Seattle about three weeks in advance by coordinating with the building coordinator, evacuation director, and key administrators so that a date and time may be identified for the drill that avoids unnecessary disruption to operations. For research buildings advance notification may be extended to a key person for each lab so that the drill does not create a safety hazard or disrupt critical and expensive lab operations. However, other personnel should not be informed.

All drills are scheduled during normal business hours, usually between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. For UW Seattle, contact John Gunderson at gunderjd@uw.edu. For UW Bothell, contact Darren Branum at dlbranum@uw.edu. For UW Tacoma, contact Dave Leonard at dleonard@uw.edu.

Drill Frequency

The International Fire Code requires all Group B (business) buildings having an occupant load of 500 or more persons, or more than 100 persons above or below the lowest level of exit discharge, to perform annual fire drills. High-rise buildings, institutional occupancies (hospitals), assembly occupancies greater than 300 persons, educational occupancies (daycare and K-12), and residential occupancies (residence halls and apartments) must conduct fire drills at the frequencies noted below:

Group or Occupancy Examples Frequency
Business Office, teaching, & research buildings Annually
High-rise Buildings 75 ft (7 stories) and taller Annually
Hospital UWMC, HMC Quarterly
(for each shift)
Assembly Kane, Meany, HUB, sports venues Quarterly
(for employees only)
Educational Occupancies CHDD, daycares Monthly
Residential Residence halls, apartments Quarterly

Drill Report

Evacuation directors are responsible for critiquing their drill with support from EH&S. Observations about the drill should be shared with evacuation wardens and key personnel to improve future response and performance. A Fire Drill Report form is available here (this form requires the current version of Adobe Acrobat ReaderGet Acrobat Reader).