Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Service

biological safety cabinet EH&S performs certification service for biological safety cabinets to verify and assure proper performance. BSC's are tested to manufacturer's specifications and to National Sanitation Foundation Standard 49. All active cabinets are certified annually. Prior to filter changes, moves, or decommissioning, our technicians will decontaminate the unit with formaldehyde. EH&S also tests Bag-in/Bag-out HEPA filters annually for leaks if required.

EH&S provides the following placards and warning labels on biological safety cabinets: A silver certification placard that indicates when EH&S last tested and certified the cabinet that is found on the face of the cabinet as illustrated (center); a warning that the BSC recirculates to the room and is not intended use with volatile chemicals, where applicable (left); and a warning about UV light sources, where applicable (right):


biological safety cabinets recirculates warning    A silver certification placard    UV Light Warning Sign

For questions about cabinet performance and certification, please contact the Environmental Control Technician assigned to your facility as indicated here.