Unknown Chemicals

"Unknowns" present a serious problem for the University. Without knowing their identity, we cannot store or handle them safely. Disposal companies will not accept unknowns, so we cannot collect your unknowns for disposal.

We collect the unknown and have it analyzed and identified for you. Then we dispose of it properly.

picture of unknown labeled dont smell (4K)

Unknowns should be analyzed and disposed of as soon as possible following discovery. Do not store unknowns in satellite waste areas.

Gather any information such as history and physical properties of the unknown that might aid identification. However, assume the worst; handle and store it as if it were hazardous.

To initiate analysis of your unknown, complete a Chemical Collection Request Form and mail it to Box 354400 or fax it to 206.685.2915. Include a budget name and number on the form. You will have to pay for the analysis of the unknown (the cost is currently approximately $80 for unknowns with a volume of less than four liters.)

Reduce your chances of unknowns and the associated costs and hazards. Always label containers and survey your chemical stocks regularly and especially before you graduate, retire, or move on.