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The MyChem Chemical Exchange is an online system that allows you to quickly search for surplus chemicals and advertise your own usable surplus chemicals. This can save you money and reduces hazardous waste. In fact, one study found that unwanted chemicals account for up to 40% of all hazardous waste at universities.

Chemicals available now

The chemicals available can change on a daily basis. The list of chemicals available includes an entire alphabet of hundreds of chemicals, from 1-propanol to ammonium hydroxide to zinc sulfate. Commonly used chemicals such as ethidium bromide, sodium bicarbonate, pH indicators, formaldehyde and more are also usually on the list.

You can "shop" for chemicals available now via MyChem.

When in MyChem, first click the Chemical Exchange button (shown below) on the left side of the screen.

Chemical Exchange button (3K)

Next, you can either search for a specific chemical, a partial name of a chemical, or browse the entire list of chemicals available for exchange in the MyChem Chemical Exchange screen (shown below).

Search Page (12K)

If you see that the chemical you want is available, contact that person directly to arrange for transfer of the chemical. Add that chemical to your MyChem inventory when you receive it. And, remind the previous owner to remove the chemical from his or her inventory.

Advertising your surplus chemical

Advertising your chemical on the MyChem Chemical Exchange is simple. In your inventory, click on the chemical(s) you no longer need. In the page corresponding to each of those chemicals, select "Yes" when asked if you would like to list it in the Campus Chemical Exchange. Update and you're done - although please follow the guidelines below.

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Chemical Exchange guidelines

If you advertise your chemical for exchange, follow these guidelines:

  • Only advertise chemicals in excellent condition, not past their expiration date, and preferably unopened.
  • When exchanging chemicals, the chemical owner should make sure that the recipient is a University employee who has a reasonable use for the chemical.
  • The former owner should remove the chemical from their inventory. The new owner should add the chemical to their inventory.
  • EH&S will handle any transactions with non-UW organizations. A hold harmless agreement must be signed by the recipient. Call 206.616.5835 for more details.
  • If the chemical must be transported on public roads, please call the EH&S Shipping Coordinator at 206.616.0595 for packaging and transport assistance.
  • The exchange of cyanide and arsenic compounds is restricted. Call 206.616.5835 for more information.
  • The exchange of radioactive material, DEA controlled substances or biohazardous material is prohibited.

About MyChem

For more information about MyChem, click here.