Chemical Spill Cleanup

Ordering a Spill Kit

EH&S has created a custom general purpose spill kit for spills of up to about a gallon in volume and a custom spill kit for mercury spills. Click general purpose spill kit or mercury spill kit to see a description of the two kits. To order one of these kits:

1. If you are an authorized Ariba purchaser, log into Ariba with your UWNetID.

2. From the Procurement Dashboard (left menu), click "Requisition."

2procurement_dashboard (21K)

3. Scoll down the list of suppliers and choose "VWR."

3vwr (11K)

4. Click on the green button "Buy from Supplier."

4buyfromsupplier (13K)

5. Click on the "Custom Catalogs" link under Shopping Lists, and then click on the "Kits" link.

5custom_catalog (14K)

6. Click the chemical spill "kit" or the mercury spill kit to purchase.

7detail (15K)